Waste homogenizers – Main applications

The main function of waste homogenizers, regardless of their model or in what type of lagoon they will be used, is to mix solid and liquid particles, making the mixture homogeneous in addition to incorporating oxygen into the mixture to accelerate the decomposition process of waste and other compounds. . A homogeneous mixture with smaller solid particles also […]

How many milk producers do we want to have in Brazil?

According to the 2017 Agricultural Census, recently released by IBGE, the number of properties that produced cow's milk in Brazil totaled 1,176,295 in 2017, and was 13% lower than that presented by the Agricultural Census carried out in 2006, which totaled 1,350. 809 establishments. Thus, during this 11-year period, approximately 175 thousand properties closed their doors, […]

Cattle waste: more than a problem, an opportunity!

The intensification of livestock farming, that is, the concentration of animals, both for milk production and for meat production, generated a problem: a greater accumulation of production waste. Manure, urine, leftover animal feed and bedding can pose a problem if the producer does not know how to manage it. In […]

Raphno: alternative to feed cattle during drought in the NZ summer

In the New Zealand dairy production system, efficiency and low cost are sought, through strategies that optimize the use of pasture and irrigation, which, working in harmony, guarantee constant pasture growth, leaving the producer less dependent and vulnerable. the use of supplements, which reduce the activity's profit margin. […]

Use of waste: composting.

Composting is another low-cost option. It is a biological digestion process, which can be aerobic (with the presence of oxygen), anaerobic (with the absence of oxygen) or mixed. The product humus is generated from the waste, an organic fertilizer of high agricultural and commercial value. Carried out by the aerobic process, composting is faster and […]

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