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AGTO do Brasil, founded in 2013, has been seeking improvement and specialization for more than a decade in their operating segments. Currently, AGTO do Brasil's main objective is to provide equipment with superior performance, quality and durability, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to ethics, respect and customer satisfaction.

We remain engaged in the constant search for improvement and excellence in the production of our products. We increasingly want to help our customers solve their problems, working to build a greener, less polluted world and also adding profitability to agro-industrial activities.

Pioneer in the production of for high-yield waste in Brazil, produces high-quality, high-performance waste homogenizers



Act as an intelligent manufacturer and specialist in different solutions in the liquid and solid waste segments, generating high value for the customer, from its visual presentation to excellent performance and promoting environmental responsibility.


Our commitment is to lead the transformation in waste management, combining quality with employee talent, driving advancement, productivity and agro-industrial profitability.


Connection with people

Transmit the importance of our internal human capital and each client in a genuine way, providing a feeling of appreciation.

Professional self-responsibility

Have the attitude to take on your career within AGTO, thinking about commitment, belonging, maturity to learn from mistakes and determination to correct them.


Support the development of our people so that we become better at their tasks.


Allow employees the freedom to create new ideas and processes to jointly build advances and improvements

Qualified team

Our team is prepared to welcome you from the first contact, with specific solutions and specialists within each service sector, from the commercial sector and also in the after-sales of our products.

Concerned about the Environment

In addition to manufacturing high-performance and superior quality equipment, we also work to provide important information to our customers.
How to preserve and reduce damage to the environment, valuing ecological balance and biodiversity, optimizing natural resources such as organic fertilizer and increasingly reducing chemical fertilizers.

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Fill in the form to download the catalogue:

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