Biogas Agitators

Our biogas agitators are produced according to the needs of each customer and projects focused on each demand. From small biodigesters to large-scale equipment with high agitation capacity.

Advantage of agitation in a biodigester

     A biodigester is intended to produce biogas. This is made possible by a closed chamber that receives manure, food waste and other organic substrates, confining this material so that its composition results in gas and other by-products.

     The biodigester can be a tank, a box or a trench lined and covered with an impermeable material. The important thing is that, with the exception of the inlet and outlet tubes, the biodigester is completely sealed, creating an anaerobic environment (without the presence of oxygen) where anaerobic bacteria degrade the organic material, transforming it into biogas and biofertilizer, as the biodigester stabilizes organic matter and improves the use of minerals.  

    For the fermentation of organic matter to occur, these bacteria need a favorable environment for their growth and development:

  • Presence of organic matter (waste);
  • Suitable temperature (30 and 45° C);
  • Absence of toxic chemical compounds;
  • Lack of oxygen;
  • Movement using electric agitators.

Biodigesters have many benefits in different areas of society. They are the main ones:

  • Reduction of environmental pollution;
  • Obtaining clean gas;
  • Production of fertilizers with lower environmental impact;
  • Treat organic materials from agriculture, rural properties and industries (mainly food); 
  • Great cleaning of the animal habitat, which reduces the emergence of parasites, such as flies and fungi; 
  • Improve soil quality, increasing its productivity; 
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; 
  • Recycling of organic waste; 
  • Generate income through the sale of surplus biogas and biofertilizer;

Find the ideal model

  • Engine Power: 10 hp
  • Tube length: 4.2m
  • Options: Three-phase, Single-phase and Two-phase
  • For ponds up to 4.5m deep
  • Engine Power: 15 hp
  • Tube length: 6.2m
  • Options: Three-phase, Single-phase and Two-phase
  • For ponds up to 5.5m deep

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