Waste homogenizers – Main applications

The main function of waste homogenizers, regardless of their model or in what type of lagoon they will be used, is to mix solid and liquid particles, making the mixture homogeneous in addition to incorporating oxygen into the mixture to accelerate the decomposition process of waste and other compounds. . A homogeneous mixture with smaller solid particles also facilitates collection in tanks and distribution in each application.


Some of its main uses are:


1. In the manure pits

On the rural property, the agitators are tasked with homogenizing solid and liquid waste from swine and cattle activities. To do this, a storage system called a manure pit is used. All waste produced by animals is placed there. The function of the homogenizer is to make this waste suitable for use as organic fertilizer on crops.

In addition to the possibility of correctly disposing of waste and using it as a form of fertilizer, homogenizers optimize the process, eliminate odors and pathogens present, and prevent the proliferation of flies.


2. In biodigesters

You biodigesters These are systems used in the production of biogas. In them, gases produced from the decomposition of organic matter are stored, in an anaerobic environment (without the presence of oxygen), for use as fuel.

In this type of system, the agitator is used to speed up the process, but also to prevent the formation of sludge at the bottom of the biodigester and scum on the surface. These points are those that do not allow the gas generation process to continue efficiently.


3. In industry

They can be used in industries in the chemical, food, steel, pharmaceutical, environmental sectors, among others. Its main application is to stir, homogenize, dissolve and/or mix any type of solution. Solid particles may or may not be in the process.

In addition to their application within the industrial process, agitators can also be used in the food industry, as a homogenizer for waste discarded from the industrial process, thus allowing a correct destination for these waste.


Now that you know the main applications of agitators, how about learning a little more about our implements and discovering which is the ideal model for each of these uses?

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