Floating Agitator from AGTO do Brasil is used in aeration and homogenization for the treatment of swine and cattle manure (after undergoing solids separation) in tanks and open lagoons.

Technical Data

  • Float in Polyethylene (PEAD) with UV protection;
  • Open hat for ventilation and less gas containment;
  • Micro-fused stainless steel propeller;
  • Optimized propellant coupling to the engine;
  • Stainless steel lower protection;
  • 10CV engine (Single-phase or Three-phase).
  • Avoid formation of crust on the surface of the tank or pond;
  • Avoid formation of sediments at the bottom of the tank or pond;
  • Accelerates the decomposition of waste, promoting the proliferation of bacteria;
  • Reduces bad smell;
  • Facilitates pumping into tanks or irrigation systems, enabling immediate use of nutrients in the field.

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