Pig prices in the domestic market and exported volumes approach historic records

Although the last week of July had relatively low export volumes (13.6 thousand tons), when compared to other weeks this year, the month ended with a volume very close to the monthly record that had previously been achieved in the month of May , when 90.7 thousand tons of fresh pork (MDIC) were exported. Already […]

Biogas is an economical and sustainable alternative in pig farming

Biogas is an economical and sustainable alternative in pig farming. A clean energy source, biogas uses organic waste. One of the main assets for biogas production is animal manure, such as pig manure, which makes it especially attractive for SC Production in the West of Santa Catarina (Photo: Angélica Luersen) There has never been so much investment in renewable energy sources. […]

Use of waste: composting.

Composting is another low-cost option. It is a biological digestion process, which can be aerobic (with the presence of oxygen), anaerobic (with the absence of oxygen) or mixed. The product humus is generated from the waste, an organic fertilizer of high agricultural and commercial value. Carried out by the aerobic process, composting is faster and […]

Use of waste: manure pits for storing cattle waste is a low-cost alternative

The intensification of dairy activity has brought with it the production of large quantities of waste which, due to the lack of treatment and adequate management, becomes a source of pollution for water sources, soil and the atmosphere. Environmental damage is incalculable and is increasingly highlighted in the media. This is not just an environmental problem, but […]

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